Creatives are in the busines of being liked

However, success comes from not caring about being liked

Business Bluebrint for creatives

Stratum Growth's first educational series, was a business blueprint guiding Creatives through the transition from being talent, to operating a company.

  • This critical effort starts with changing both the way Creatives see themselves as business people, the way they see money and their understanding of cash flow.
  • The Business Blueprint for Creatives was born- an education platform providing the framework for visionaries to create multiple streams of recurring revenue and supply the agency for their businesses to thrive!
  • Stratum is here to liberate Creatives to find customers, build community, and grow their cash flows so they serve more in their purpose.


Formalized Stratum Growth Creatives

Providing service in following categories: Business Management, Enterprise Development and Contract Negotiations


Launched Business Blueprint for Creatives

A e-book and tutorial series supporting creatives in nation-wide and developing multiple streams of income


Developed brand strategy courses for creatives

Spent a year leading in-person business classes and intensives for creatives in NYC 

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When I am not working, I have others passions I dive into like drone flying and aerial imagery from countries I've had the chance to travel to.

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